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I havent been active for a year. I'm very sorry about that 😭

I think ill be posting some drawings this week ☺ Any request? I want your original oc. And I might refuse if I found it hard.

- Eros 😊😆😃😃
Give me things that you can't avoid
Sino dito nakakaintindi ng Filipino XD

wala na talaga akong makausap dito Ryuu Blinking Icon 
I see hearts. Flittering away, with chocolates and other sweets.

Will you be my valentine? 💙💚💛💜💓💖💘💝💞💟💕
I was tagged by :iconsuperdreamer101:


1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you, and make up 10 questions for the ppl you tagged
4. Choose 4-10 people and get their icon in your journal.
5. You have to legitimately tag 4-10 people.
6. Tag-backs are allowed
7. Heart You don't have to do it, this is for fun. :p (Lick)ink pastel heart:

1. What is your greatest Fear
Nothing, except worms
2. What is your hair and Eye colour
Real life? Hair is red, Eye is raven
3. Do u have siblings?
i have 2
4. Do you now dislike me for including you in this XP
nope, maybe, cause i was just bored and all the tags have the same questions
5. What are all your favourite Music artist you can think of?
Too many but most of them are bands like The cab, Set it up, starset, Evanescenes, and many more..
6. What is your Zodiac sign? If you know that is.
7. Do you like the Sea, Ocean, or any form of water like that?
I love the ocean, well the sound of it that is. Specially in the night, the moons reflection is stunning.
8. Do you have pets? If so what kind and how many of each.
I have 2 dogs, The first one was a grumpy Germanshepherd, and the other one (i got him from a friend) a very playful golden retriever
9. Do you love your friends? (Like the super close ones)
Yup! 2 of them here in dA treated me like a family, A sweet little pretty sister and a grumpy mad beautiful mom. In real life? Me and my friends were like a gang
10. Are you glad you finished this kinda silly thing?!?!?!!?
100% yeah dude

10 facts about me
1. I read a lot of books (if it seems interesting)
2. I love listening to orchestras, favorite one: winter by Antonio Vivaldi
3. I play soccer
4. umm, eh?
5. Pencils usually breaks in half when im holding it, why? well i used to play it as a drum stick
6. You cant separate me and my earphones 
7. I can stay awake till 4:00 AM
8. Half Filipino half Taiwanese
9. I hate worms their , ugh ..
10. Lastly, i know its weird but, i can sleep with my eyes open

I'm sorry but maybe ill be tagging maybe next time. I just like answering questions about myself. Just got home actually so I'm really really tired yeah. oh yeah, one more thing, i think i broke one rule, better check it out


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Jun Kyle
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Im new so hi!
Name: Eros Ruther
Age: 17 --nope! 18 pala

ok umm Philippines (Manila)

status: i would call that single
School: Mapua Institute of Tech (intramuros)

i do traditional and digital, crafting. Im more like a violin lover and also on orchestra (Beethoven, Viivaldi, or Claud). In music can be heavy metal or slow rock.

I used to live in Japan to New York and now in Philippines.

i dont actually interest love for now, just got busted last week. And some pieces are still missing inside me, and i dont plan on finding whats missing in me.

They call me " Eros" . my close friends call me "Ros".
and for some reason, cute girls adds my name with a "-kun". Wait! lets change that..... my REAL friends call me "Jun"
I dont actually know what to do in DA but i guess ill focus on socializing. Have a nice day :)


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